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Snappy #45: The View From Home

I’m out until January. However, I setup a new blog, so why not test it with a snappy update.

Benoit Girard sped up shutdown with:

  • not forcing startup cache flushes on shutdown: bug 816656. This speeds up exiting browser soon after startup.
  • bug 818296: [Shutdown] js::NukeCrossCompartmentWrappers takes up to 300ms on shutdown. Avoid doing it for optimized shutdown. This may significantly reduce our shutdown times. We are waiting on more telemetry data to confirm.

Aaron Klotz made startup slightly faster by speeding up reading of some urlclassifier files in bug 810101.

Vladimir Vukicevic landed bug 731974 which results in smoother browser animations and significantly improves the quality of tab-strip animations.