Using Economics to Help Ukraine Win


I spent most of my life in North America, but I have been living this war in Ukraine. My hope is that I can use my past experience and connections to help Ukraine win this war.

Recently a friend of mine asked what would be the best way to donate $1000. This got me thinking.

Wars are won by convincing the opponent that things are only gonna keep getting worse for them and better for you. Economics is the best way to do that. Germany, Japan could not sustain their aggression in WW2 because they were losing the war economically. USA played a large role in WW2 with amazing logics and manufacturing.

Ukraine is currently experiencing massive equipment shortages of everything ranging from HIMARS, tanks, to backup sources of electricity like generators and batteries. We are coping with Russian agression using “gold-plated” HIMARS weapons systems, Ecoflow battery backups, Starlink internet. The poorest country in Europe is fighting a war with premium western solutions, this is risky.

Ukraine already has some of the best logistics in the world. One can ship almost anything within the country in 24 hours for not much money and effort, logistics happen during blackouts and inbetween rocket attacks. The country is also full of skilled and cheap labor (benefit of being poor). The main blockers seem to be investment and manufacturing-management know-how.

We need to manufacture offensive military equipment, civilian resiliency equipment, set up logistics to import lerge volumes of components to build this equipment. Ukraine is already doing this, but at small-scale and with agonizingly gradual growth. We need to turn Ukraine into a giant manufacturing-startup incubator.

I think it should be possible to finance this victory AND get your money back with interest. However, I’m not an expert in international finance, I need help figuring this out. If you are an investor, email me at [email protected] , let’s talk.